What is breast lift? How is it different from breast reduction?

What is breast lift? How is it different from breast reduction?

Well, both are procedures done on the breast for aesthetic improvements. One is considered as a procedure sort to reduce the huge breasts that some women develop. The other, Breast lift, is purely cosmetic surgery for improving the appearance of the Breast.


Why do women seek breast reduction surgeries?

Huge and heavy breast are not only just a pain of embarrassment in public places for few working women and students, they create lots of issues. The heaviness of the breast make one to stoop and there by changing the posture leading to neck pain and back pain. The weight of both breast exert pressure over the strap area causing skin to thicken over there. The intertrigo is condition caused by both the breast rubbing each other in the under surface of the breast. This may lead to fungal infections irritations during the summer. These are the reasons that  women look for reducing the breast size.


How does breast lift vary?

Ageing and sudden loss of weight can lead to loss of skin elasticity and loss of tissue volume leading to the sagging of the breasts. The medical term for the same is ptosis. The degree of which can vary. The main issue here is the aesthetics of the breast is lost.

The nipple and the aerola faces downwards instead of looking forward. The front slope of the breast appears concave instead of convex in shape. In Short, the breast loses the young and youth full appearance.


What is a breast lift?

The breast lift helps in changing the shape of the breasts. Unlike breast reduction it  does not reduce the size of the breast. The objective here is to rise the nipple and the areola complex to youthful appearance.


How is a breast lift done?

It is a surgical process done under anesthesia in the operation theatre. It involves removing of the excess redundant skin and suturing. It also reduces the size of the areola diameter.


What are the complications of Breast lift?

As with any surgical procedure the downside is scaring on the suturing site. However, with proper scar management it could be reduced to fine lines.The recovery period will be roughly around 10 days.


How do I know whether I will be needing breast reduction or breast lift?

It depends on your fat deposits and you expectations of the final size and shape. So it is best to consult our consultant Dr C.Senthilkumar who will be able to guide you through the best option that will suit your needs.


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