Why we need treatment for Gynaecomastia

Why we need treatment for Gynaecomastia

What is Gynaecomastia?

Commonly we understand that any enlargement of the male chest is called Gynaecomastia. However, there may be different reasons for the enlargement. In medical terms, Gynaecomastia is present when there is a pure enlargement of breast glandular tissue in males. This may occur in different situations such as hormonal issues or due to some medications.

When this happens due to excess fat, as in obesity, then there is mere fat tissue present, which is a condition called pseudo-gynecomastia.

Nevertheless, most individuals do have both glands and fat tissues in varying proportions. And thus Gynaecomastia is a vague term meaning chest enlargement in men.

Still confusing is the term puffy nipple. In this situation, we have grade I gynecomastia. Represented by small gland tissue making the nipple complex puffy.


What will happen if left untreated?

What most people fail to ask or most physicians fail to explain is that when Gynaecomastia is left untreated it will not lead to any major issues. This is only a psychological issue among most men, there is no pathological issue.


When does one need treatment?

Treatment is often recommended in gynecomastia when there are psychological reasons present behind the issue. And the person is affected in normal routine work such as his daily life routine, and unable to perform certain tasks because of this issue.

Most young men complain about being unable to take part in sports due to excess chest. Still worse is some are victims of body shaming.


Does gynecomastia surgery give permanent results?

Gynecomastia is a condition where there is an enlargement of the male chest region. Most times there are gland tissue and fat tissue contributing to the Gynecomastia swelling.

The treatment depends on the type and grade of the tissue present in the chest. Commonly we do liposuction to remove the fat and then take away the fat for better contouring.

When done this way the Gynaecomatia will not come back after the surgery. The condition called pseudo gynecomastia is where there is excess fat deposited in the chest region. In this situation when the person gains too much fat again there is a chance for some fat to get deposited again. Even then it will be minimal of the fat getting deposited again.

In some conditions where the gynecomastia was due to some drugs or medication considering continuing the medicines can result in coming back, however, this is a very rare scenario.


How do I know what type of problem I have?

Since different individuals will have different types of chest enlargement it is best to consult our consultant Dr C.Senthilkumar who will be able to guide you through the best option that will suit your needs.


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