Do you have Lipomas and is it bothering you?

Do you have Lipomas and is it bothering you?

Lipoma are swelling that appear under the skin, there are made up of fatty tissues. They are harmless and painless in most situations. There can be present anywhere in the body. They feel rubbery and sometimes moves under the skin. It could be problematic in some situations. If you have one and concerned about it, well the following page might be helpful.


How to know that is is a lipoma?

It is easy for a surgeon to tell whether it is a lipoma or not on single examination. Nevertheless if you want to know it for yourself , here are some of clues. Firstly, they appear just under the skin, lumpy, mobile rubbery feeling. They usually move under the skin when you try to push it, meaning there are not attached deeply. They are not painful when pinched.

It is wise to consider meeting a doctor rather than to conclude yourself and worry!


Is this cancer?

Fear of cancer is very strong that we often associate any lumps to cancer. What you should know is there swelling called as BENIGN ,which means it is just opposite of cancer. These benign swellings are easily treatable and are not life threatening. Unlike cancer they don’t spread or grow faster or larger. And again it is the surgeon who will able to tell you what is what. As there is minimal risk of benign swelling turning to cancer, Liposarcoma.


So what causes these lipoma?

No, it not your cholesterol levels as most people associate it to. Lipoma occurs as results of uncontrolled growth of group of fat cells. However, what causes these cells to grow unchecked is less known. Diet or life style is not associated with it formation.

However, multiple lipomas that is, many in number , occurs in a genetic pattern. There is also a group of syndromes that are associated with the multiple lipoma.


What is multiple Lipoma?

Multiple lipomas are conditions in which there are number of lipoma more than 4 to 5.Small swellings appearing all over the body. These are annoying and bothering , however they are harmless.


Where will lipoma come commonly?

Lipoma can come in any part of the body. Body trunk, arms, forearms and thighs ,face and chest.


How do I get rid of it?

Lipoma in most situation doesn’t need treatment. There are many people living with it with out even noticing it. Incase you want to get rid of it then surgical removal is the only option.

There are no medication or other ways to remove a lipoma swellings.


How is the Procedure done?

The removal of lipoma swellings are done as a minor surgery. Single lipomas can be removed in clinical setting only. Could be done under local anaesthesia by giving a numbing injections. Following which the lipoma selling are removed . The wound is closed using a suture.


When I get a scar?

Following lipoma removal the wound is closed using suture materials. However, by using plastic surgery techniques the scar could be minimalist. And some time the cut needed to pull out the

Can be made very small, there by making the marks very tiny and inconspicuous.


What is the best way to do multiple lipoma?

When considering removing multiple lipomas the main problems is ending up in multiple scars. However, alternate to direct removal is liposuction technique used remove such many numbers.

It is usually done using general anesthesias. That is you need to get admitted in the hospital.

The procedure usually takes more than two hours as there are many wounds that is needed to make fine suturing.

Most surgeon decide with you prior to surgery about the number and location of the lipomas that needed to be removed.


Will insurance cover lipoma surgery?

Yes, it is a biggest relief to most patients. However, the duration of the insurance and the duration or the starting of such lipoma must be considered for proper coverage. Meaning if you have a insurance cover for a long time then it is a walk in the park.


Is surgery must, what do I tell my patients?

There are lakhs of people living happily with lipoma. These may range from small swelling to large one. I usually counsel my patient telling that, if the swelling in there in your head- go a head and remove it. Meaning, if it bothering you or a concern that it should be removed than it is wise to get it removed.

In situation where it is growing ,so that what might end up in a 5 cm scar can be done with 2 cms  if removed early.

Finally , when is painful, or affecting the functions of movements of a part it needs to be removed.

The number one cause for removal of lipoma in my patients are that they are visible over the hand and arms. And people ask pointing to that – “hey, what is that on your hand?”


Will come back after removal?

Not , it will not. Nonetheless, you should be aware that it could come in a new place.

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