Removal of excess and unnecessary fat that is deposited in the body is called liposuction. This is the commonest cosmetic surgery done worldwide.  Around 4 to 5 lakh people got liposuction done in 2020. This number is on the rise day by day. So let us discuss this today.


Who can get liposuction done?

People who have excess fat deposits in their bodies. These fats are deposited under the skin and muscle layers. What it does is, it leads to loss of contour. Meaning the desired shape that we look for is lost because of these deposits. So if you are looking to regain the shape of the hip or that tummy you can undergo liposuction.


What causes fat deposits?

A simple question with a straight answer. When the energy consumption is more than the energy expenditure the excess of the energy is stored as fat in the body. Although this is beneficial to paleolithic individuals, who consume food once in a while, the same pattern affects modern man.

Knowingly we all consume a diet in the worst possible way. The junk foods and the high-calorie diet that we are used to are the main culprits. Adding to it is the poor exercise lifestyle. I can go on adding it to the list.

However, For some, they do diet and exercise but still, the fat in some parts of their body just doesn’t go.  That is called stubborn fat. It may be in the chest region, abdomen, or thigh.

These stubborn or resistant fat are medically resistant to normal signals of fat burning. Hence, regular exercise and diet will not work here.

Liposuction will help to get rid of these stubborn fats as well.


How is liposuction done?

Lipo means fat, suction means ‘sucking out’. It is a surgical procedure done by making you sleep.  Normally these are done by General anesthesia, which is done by using the tube in the windpipe. However, we are using sedation anesthesia which we will make to sleep deeply. During this, you will not realize any pain or things going on.

The main advantage is you wake immediately after surgery within 10 to 15 mins.

And there will be no side effects of general anesthesia, in this method of special anesthesia.

Once you are under anesthesia, we make small holes in your skin of around 4 to 5mm in size.

Depending on the plan where we are planning to aspirate the fat. Then we pass a cannula and inject a fluid to break the fat. After we use the liposuction machine to remove the fat.

There are different types of liposuction machines. We use advanced ultrasound liposuction. They use ultrasound to dissolve the fat. The advantage is, it not only removes the fat but also makes the loose skin tighten. Giving you good results, when compared to other types.


What is after-procedure care?

After surgery, we advise you to wear a compression garment. These are worn depending on the site of surgery done for about 4 to 6 weeks. It is like a tight vest worn most of the time. These help in reducing the swelling that happens normally after any procedure and also more importantly prevents fluid accumulation in the region of liposuction.

After surgery, there might be some pain and swelling, which is bearable and reduces with time.

Liposuction is a daycare procedure, meaning you walk in on the day of surgery and go home the same day. It also depends on how much fat is being removed.

Recovery from the surgery is pretty faster as the fat is removed from the skin and the muscle layer, and no major tissue is injured.

Another important thing is sedation anesthesia, which helps in faster waking up.

Downtime is an important factor, which means how long you need to take rest. With liposuction procedure, it is quite fast. You can get back to your work in a few days’ time.

However, physical activities involving an increase in heart rate must be avoided in the first few weeks, and strenuous exercises should be avoided for the first month.

You start your office works in 3 to 4 days’ time.


Finally, is liposuction safe?

Definitely, it is a safe kind of surgery. Firstly, we do all the tests and check how fit you are for the surgery. Only when you are fit we take you for the procedure. The type of anesthesia, as I mentioned earlier is a safer method. Then the surgery itself. We do the procedure on the fat. Which is in between the skin and the muscle. No tissue damage. For instance, in a c-section, we open the skin, muscle, and then the uterus.  it depends on how much fat we are planning to get rid of. It is usually 1 0r 2 liters going up to 5 liters. More than that is not usual.

The first published liposuction was done around 1978 by French people. Then Americans learned from them and spread to the world. This surgery has undergone a number of improvisation and now it is safer surgery. Even if the machine is advanced, as I mentioned earlier ultrasonic machines are good.

All I can suggest to you is that if you are decided to undergo liposuction. Choose a surgeon who has board certified and has the necessary training in this type of surgery. Also check the center, whether it has all the facilities and equipment needed for the surgery. Whether they are doing it regularly.

So, liposuction has come a long way and it definitely here to stay.

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