Solution for Prominent Nipple

Solution for Prominent Nipple

Prominent nipples:A Genuine concern among men.

There has increased in the number of Men unhappy with the size rathe projection of their nipple. A projecting nipple causes discomfort when one tries to wear a tight T-shirt. In most cases it is the peer pressure that make one to think it is ‘abnormal”.

What causes the nipple to project?

The projecting or the prominent nipple is caused in two conditions , one when the nipple as such is larger by default or it it pushed out by the tissue behind. The later is the case with Gynecomasia, where there is glandular tissue that has developed behind the nipple and the areolar under the influence of the hormones.

The hormone changes are a part of normal growth in adolescent boy as a part of the puberty. Nevertheless, it is less cleat that why only few develop. Coming back to the gynecomastia , yet again we need to ascertain two condition. Puffy nipple a word commonly used inappropriate. Puffy nipple is a condition where in the glandular tissue present behind the areolar ( dark skin around the nipple) pushed it forward. And again remember it is an early stage of gynecomastia. A prominent nipple can be unusually large nipple or normal one which is made to project because of underlying tissue.

What is the solution for prominent nipple?

When one is looking for a correction we need to ascertain that the correct cause for such projection and thus the treatment varies. When the nipple is large and projection without underlying tissue , Nipple reduction procedures are done. It is a simple out patient surgery where it is done after injecting local anesthesia (numbing drug) and it can excised and suturing done.

However, when there is Gynaecomatia associated with the prominent nipple, we will have address the real problem.Procedure for Gynaecomatia is explained elsewhere. Rarely is some , the may be two components contributing to the projecting nipple . In which case one has to address both the causes to get a proper solution In summary, a prominent, projecting nipple is a genuine concerns among men. It solutions are surgical. But one has to understating its associations and get the correct mode of treatment

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