Arm Reduction surgery
Arm Lift Surgery in Coimbatore
Arm Reduction surgery in Coimbatore


Arm lift is a sort of cosmetic surgical procedure that idealizes at enhancing the advent of your upper hands. For some the arm alone will be larger and no longer propionate to rest of the frame. This makes it hard to wear one-of-a-kind outfits

This May Occur Because Of:

  • Changes in skin elasticity that occur with age.
  • Dropping weight without or with weight problems through surgical procedures or speedy weight loss
  • Having positive genetic elements that purpose your arms size improved.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

People who gain from Brachioplasty surgical procedures are those whose hands are drooping or sagging and motivated to preserve their healthful lifestyle behavior.

Types Of Arm Reduction

At some stage in consultation, the surgeons look for the pattern of fat deposits, that is in which the fats are accumulated. And the next maximum important aspect is the quality of the skin. whether it is good quality or stretched and loose. depending on your condition you may need both of the one.

How is the procedure done?

The Arm reduction surgical treatment is typically achieved beneath preferred anesthesia. The doctor makes a cut on the skin and fluid is injected. after which liposuction is executed to move the fat.

In case there may be loosened skin and we have planned to reduce the pores and skin then on the pre-decided pores and skin is removed.  Stitches are done. The scar comes in the internal arm facet and is mostly not visible from the front or from behind.  The arm is then protected using elastic bandages to avoid swelling.

What is Brachioplasty?

It is the same as liposuction but here we take away greater skin and tissue. It is a form of body-contouring surgery.

As we age, the skin in your higher palms and other regions of the frame turns into loose skin then loses its elasticity and becomes sagging. individuals who had extensive weight reduction, specifically after a bariatric surgery additionally cause immoderate fatness in comparison to the skin as a consequence leading to sagging.

The undesired effect of this surgery is scarring on the internal side of the arm. but, the consequences are better with this approach when compared to liposuction alone.

Post-operative care after arm lifting

  • Wear compression garments, which must be coming and secure. It must be worn 24x 7 in the course of the preliminary days for two weeks. In maximum instances, we advocate you wear it for 4 to six weeks.
  • Keep away from lifting heavy weights after the surgery you can resume your normal diet the same day but; keep away from masala and spices as they may cause irritation.
  • Take your medicinal drug on time.
  • The dressing is needed postoperatively as consistent with wound restoration. should comply with the appointments with the physician so that it will avoid viable Aberrations.

When to reach a doctor urgently?

  1. Increasing pain in the location

  2. Growing swelling inside the region

  3. Excessive bruising

  4. Fever and redness inside the place

  • Before-Arm Reduction
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  • Before-Arm Reduction
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  • Before-Arm Reduction
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  • Before-Arm Reduction
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