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Breast reduction

A breast reduction is a surgical procedure which is done by a cosmetic surgeon to  reduce the size and enhance  the shape of the breasts. During the procedure we remove the excess breast tissue, fat and  the skin. It is also called Mammoplasty.

Many teenagers, mothers and elderly suffer from a huge breast silently and ignorantly not knowing the option of reduction surgery.

Issues from large breasts.

  • Excess breast size causes discomfort in wearing clothes
  • Heaviness pull the bra straps and caused indentation on the shoulder
  • Neck and back pain due to heavy breast
  • Skin rashes in the under and inner part of the breast
  • More importantly, body shaming- which mostly underrated.
Many women lose confidence because they feel uncomfortable in the public and social life.

Why do women develop large breast?

Breasts undergo changes with age.they are made of Breast tissue responsible for milk formation and fat tissue surrounding the parenchymal( glands)

  • Hormonal . Some girls develop abnormally large breasts during pubertal time due to hormonal influences called primary macromastia.
  • Pregnancy. During pregnancy under the normal influence the glandular part of the breast becomes larger and leads to fuller and heavy breast.
  • Weight changes. Heavy changes in weight can cause the breast skin to stretch.fat deposition in the breast happens in overweight individuals
  • Gravity. As times goes gravity plays a major role in pulling off the breast there by stretching and finally leading to sagging.

Who needs breast reduction?

  • If the breasts are larger  and sagging  they have lost shape.
  • It suffers from the symptoms of larger and heavy breasts as mentioned earlier.
  • If you feel that your breasts are larger proportion to that of the body.
  • Asymmetry – if one breasts larger and lower than the other

What are the side effects?

  • Scarring. It is one of the problems to be worried about. As we remove the unwanted skin and breast tissue we end up in getting a scar. Even though they may be permanent, they’ll eventually  soften and fade out in a couple of  years. Mostly these are hidden in the bathing suits.
  • Alterations nipple or breast sensation. There may be temporary changes in the sensation of the nipple however, it may return in a few weeks.
  • Mild asymmetry in shapes after the procedure is not uncommon.
  • Breast feeding. While breastfeeding is usually not affected following breast reduction.Some women feel difficulty in milk expression.
  • There is a mild possibility of fluid accumulation after the surgery, nevertheless it could be corrected by simple aspiration with a needle in follow-up.

How you prepare

You will be evaluated clinically before finalizing upon the surgery. The surgeon will be able to tell you the likely plan of the procedure., that is regarding scars and the excisions.

A detailed medical history would be taken.Your current medical history, any cancer history are relevant.Medication taken should be revealed at this point , as you will have to stop some medications before the surgery.

You should be ready to arrange someone to take care of you for at least two days. Your kids and pets should be kept in mind as well.

How is the surgery done?

A breast reduction is  done in a hospital and might require atleast one day stay.We do the surgery under sedation and local anesthesia, which helps faster post op recovery. In other cases, general anesthesia is recommended.

During the procedure

There are many methods to the surgery.We will definitely discuss the pros and cons of each of them with you before the procedure .

  • We begin with making an incision around the areola,the darker area surrounding the nipples.
  • This incision usually extends downward from the areolae to the breast lower margin.
  • In case of larger breast there may be need for horizontally cuts along the breast creases
  • The excess Breast tissue is removed as planned , the cut part would ideally resemble of w shaped part of the tissue
  • The nipple and areolar are raised as island tissue called flap, it is then rotated to fix in the measured area.Using stitches the tissue and  the skin are approximated.The surgery typically takes 4 to 6 hours.

After the procedure

After the surgery, your  operated region will be covered with padded dressings.Drains –  Small tubes that help the fluid to come out may be placed. There will be swelling and bruising of the breast , which could last for 7 to 10 days.

There could be some  pain and soreness in the lower part of the breast they operated on. Numbness in your nipples, areolae and breast skin might last for about six weeks.

You should be taking your medications as prescribed as it would help you be pain free and so that you could move around and help healing better. 

Straining, bending and lifting should be avoided and try to sleep on your back or on your sides.

Bathing and showering could be done after 3- 5 days , to consult with your surgeon before.

Usually there will be dissolving sutures used so there is no need for stitches removal.In case there are any sutures it needs removal on the 12 to 14 days.

Sports bra or supporting bras are a must after the surgery round the clock for at least 5 to 7 may change to soft supporting bras for minimum 4 weeks.

Once the wound is healed you can start your scar massage and silicone gel treatments from 3 weeks onwards.


It is always wise to discuss with your surgeon before surgery the results that could be expected to avoid disappointments.

The changes will be evident right away ,however the changes and improvement happening over a period of 3 months.

To begin with the scars will be red and lumpy. While these scars may last longer , they’ll soften and become thin within 1 to 2 years.

Keep in mind that the Breast reduction results may not be permanent. Aging will definitely have its toll on the surgery you just underwent. Larger and the heavier the changes will be more evident.

Maintaining steady weight will surely help you to maintain the shape.

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