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Fat Grafting Surgery
Fat grafting procedure
Fat grafting surgery

Fat grafting

Fat grafting is the surgery in which fat is transferred from one region to any other inside the body, it’s also referred to as fats transfer or fat injections. The fats improve or augment the region where it is injected. Adipose tissue is removed through liposuction, it is then processed. The purified fats are then reinjected into the favored vicinity. Considering that older ages. Fat grafting is used to improve and beautify the beauty look of the face, breasts, arms, feet, hips, and buttocks. Lately, the therapeutic advantages of fat grafting within the recuperation of wounds and scars, and fat’s ability to restore harm are applied in different surgical procedures.


Who is the candidate for fat grafting?

  • People with ideal fitness.
  • Those with no bleeding problems.
  • People with required fat present within the frame.
  • Human beings with sunken cheeks, skinny lips, darkish circles.
  • Humans after a face elevate or surgical operation.
  • Individuals who wants to rejuvenate their face.

The fat grafting technique,

The system of fat grafting includes three steps:

  1. Extraction of the fat with liposuction.
  2. Processing of the fat.
  3. Reinjection of the purified fat.

First, fat is extracted from the donor through the usage of liposuction. Guide liposuction strategies are used.

The fats are then processed with decanting and centrifugation to separate particles, excess fluid, and useless cells from the feasible adipose fats cells. An alternate method is washing the fat with a sterile solution. Subsequently, the fats are re-injected as small droplets throughout the tissue of the recipient place. This ensures top blood delivery to make sure the tissue survives.

How is it performed?

It is a minimally-invasive manner wherein the body’s personal fats are used as filler to help sculpt areas of the face and body. It rejuvenates the face. There are not any risks of allergies. It has lengthy-lasting effects with minimum healing and downtime.

After surgery care,

The areas might be swollen after the technique.

The health practitioner will deliver a cold compress to decrease the swelling.

Comply with-up with the healthcare professional within five to seven days put up process and also three weeks later is suggested.

People resume work within 2-3 weeks of the surgical procedure.

These results will be final for a few years; however multiple classes may be required to get the desired result.

When should you reach out to the doctor?

  1. Growing ache the region
  2. Increasing swelling within the area
  3. Excessive bruising
  4. Fever
  5. Redness within the area
  • Before-Fat grafting
    After-Fat grafting
    Before Fat grafting After

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