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Hymen Repair Surgery

Hymen is a small membrane at the entrance or opening of the vagina. Engaging in Intensive physical activities like horse riding, using tampons, or frequent pap tests may cause hymen ruptures. A lot of times, women are not aware that their hymen is torn as it might happen without bleeding or pain. 

Hymen Repair surgery or hymen reconstruction surgery is a procedure to either repair a torn hymen or construct a new hymen in case it does not exist. You must understand that the surgery will not restore virginity as such but when woman have intercourse first time after the surgery, they tend to bleed. It bleeds like a natural hymen rupture. So, if a woman is under pressure to display their virginity for family, religious and ethical reasons, hymen repair surgery or hymen reconstruction surgery helps create an illusion. 

Who can take up hymen repair surgery?

  • Woman who experience mental trauma due to hymen rupture caused by intense physical activities. 
  • Victims of sex abuse and rape who are looking for psychological support.
  • For religious, social or family reasons, when you are under the pressure to display virginity.
  • Woman who have a strong desire to repair their torn hymen or build a new one in case they don’t have a hymen by birth. 

Before the surgery

A lot of times, woman who seek  hymen repair procedures find it difficult to disclose their problems. You must understand that we as cosmetologists are fully aware of the sensitivity and social stigma attached to hymen. Be rest assured that we will treat you with care and dignity!

Before taking up the hymen repair procedure, our surgeon will evaluate your medical condition and discuss the cautionary measures that you must follow. 

During the procedure

The hymen repair surgery is usually undertaken under a local anesthesia. In case you are taking up the procedure to repair your torn hymen, the skin around is removed and the remaining skin is stitched together. The hymen bounces back to its original shape and size. 

In case, the hymen is not present at all, the surgeon uses a part of the vaginal skin to create a new hymen. Blood and nutrients are supplied to it either artificially from outside or from the patient’s own vaginal skin. The surgery may last for one to two hours depending on the amount of repair that is needed. 

After procedure care

You may return to work the next day after surgery. Ensure that you wash the area thoroughly and keep it clean all the while. Swelling and discomforts may be there for a few days after surgery. You can use a cold compress for pain relief. 

You can start walking and resume the normal course of activities in a day after undertaking the hymen reconstruction surgery and hymen repair surgery. But don’t engage yourself in strenuous walking or intense physical activities for 3 to 4 weeks after surgery. We advise you to not engage in sexual intercourse for at least 6 weeks after surgery. So if you have your wedding round the corner, make sure that you give it sufficient time to heal and settle down. You should also avoid using tampons for 6 weeks after surgery. Swelling, bruising, numbness, discoloration, itchiness, etc. are common discomforts you may experience after undertaking the surgery. 

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Dr.senthilkumar and his team is very professional and caring. He asks a lot of questions and he is very knowledgeable and reassuring. He took time to explain what he thought the issue could be and explained the operation
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