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Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic nose reshaping treatment performed to alter the nose’s size, shape, appearance, or proportion. Often referred to as a ‘Nose Job’, it modifies the bone or cartilage. Rhinoplasty is also used to correct medical problems that cause breathing difficulties. Some people undertake Rhinoplasty to improve the appearance of their nose and face, while others take it to enhance their nasal functioning.

The degree of alteration may vary from a minute refinement to seeking a radical change in the shape and size of the nose. The nose is a crucial feature of the face and alters the entire facial architecture; it requires meticulous effort and greater precision.

Who is the candidate for rhinoplasty?

  • Improve the shape of  your nose
  • Repairing the fracture of your face following accidents. 
  • Those with a wide or twisted nose
  • Change  the size and form  of nostrils
  • Removing a nose hump.
  • Correct flared nostrils
  • Reshaping the nose tip
  • Treat nasal problems 

Pre – operation requirements

Before you take up rhinoplasty surgery, the surgeon would lead discussions on the following subjects.

  • Evaluate the medical history and general health condition
  • Check the current medications and their dosages.
  • History of previous nasal surgeries, if any.
  • A detailed discussion of what you expect and whether they can be achieved with the Rhinoplasty procedure. 
  • Examine the size and shape of your nose to other features on the face like chin, jaw, etc.
  • Examine the size and shape of the parts of the nose and check for their proportion with other parts of the nose. 

How is rhinoplasty surgery performed?

There are two types of rhinoplasty surgeries. One is called as open Rinoplasty and the other is called as Closed. 

Open rhinoplasty is done is case a major changes are needed in the structure. Such as bony alterations in the upper part of your nose. there is a cut in the lower part of the nose in open rhinoplasty.

THe closed rhinoplasty is type where the nose structures are altered without major dissection of the tissues . More over, the cuts are made inside of the nostril and there no visible scars outside the nose.

We will suggest an appropriate Rhinoplasty nose surgery based on the assessment and requirements of the patient. 

Rhinoplasty is usually conducted under general anesthesia. The Rhinoplasty nose surgery will take one hour to three hours, based on the complexity of the procedure.  

Post – operative care

  • For the first 48 hours, you will be monitored closely for bleeding and other discomforts. 
  • Your nose might be packed with dressing, which might make breathing difficult through the nose.However, we will remove the pack in 24 hrs.
  • Take baths  the next day with out wetting the nose dressings.
  • Don’t blow your nose.
  • Sneeze and cough with your mouth open.
  • Avoid certain facial expressions, such as smiling or laughing.
  • Eat high-fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables, to keep from getting constipated. Constipation can cause you to push hard, putting pressure on the surgery site
  • Swelling is common after the procedure, and the initial swelling subsides after a few weeks. 
  • You can resume your normal course of life after 10-14 days of surgery. Start with light work, and do not indulge yourself in exercise, heavy lifting or other rigorous activities.
  • By the end of 2 months, most of the swelling goes off, and within a year, the swelling will setttle completely.

When to contact doctor urgently?

  1. Increasing pain the region
  2. Increasing swelling in the region
  3. Excessive bruising
  4. Fever 
  5. Redness in the region

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