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Saddle bags

Saddlebags are the accumulations of fat on the outer thighs, below the buttocks. They give a pear-shaped body, instead of an hourglass shape. Saddlebags are more common in women than in men. Excess fat and subcutaneous tissue of the outer thighs are the common forms of saddlebags that are seen. 

What causes saddle bag format?

A majority of saddlebag patients hereditary predisposition, meaning you get the tendency to form fat there by birth. However, other causes for gaining weight such as diet and poor lifestyle add to gaining fat and subcutaneous tissue in the area. Puberty and hormonal influences. There is lots of fat accumulation happening under the influence of hormones. Pregnancy in a similar way causes fat deposition.

How is saddle bag removal done?

Exercise and diet can influence the reduction of fat , however , most deposits are resistant to normal mechanism of fat loosing. The results may not be 1oo%. Liposuction a procedure which is done to suck out fat through small holes are very effective, in fact the primary aim of liposuction is to remove such resistant fat from he body.

To know more on liposuction and post op care kindly see the section LIPOSUCTION

Post-operative care,

It is a daycare procedure, not require any admission.

Very less pain you can resume your activity soon. Very little downtime only.

Results will be evident immediately.

For more details on post-op care and details link to the liposuction section.

When to contact the doctor urgently?

  1. Increasing pain in the region
  2. Increasing swelling in the region
  3. Excessive bruising
  4. Fever
  5. Redness in the region

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