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Thread lift, a nonsurgical procedure that lifts sagging, aging skin and increase collagen’s produce, that gives face/neck. Plastic surgeons use medical-grade thread that activate the body’s healing, causing collagen increase. 

It is also called as “lunchtime facelift “as its quicker and requires very less time unlike face lift procedure.

The several types of thread lifts are,

  • Cat or fox eye thread lift: This lifts the eyebrows toward the temples, giving catlike appearance.
  • Eyebrow thread lift: This lift sagging eyebrows and tightens 
  • Nose thread lift: This straightens or slim the nose.
  • Neck thread lift: This lifts the loose skin or smooths the neck lines.

Who’s the candidate for a thread lift?

  • People with early signs of aging.
  • People at late 30s to early 50s.
  • People wanting realistic results

How is thread lift procedure done?

This is a minimally invasive procedure with no hospitalisation. This procedure uses a thin needle (called a cannula) inserting various threads under the skin. 

Post-operative care,

    • Applying cold compress 
    • Avoid washing face for 24 hours.
    • Don’t use makeup until said.
    • Don’t use face moisturizer until said.
    • Sleeping in uptight position.
  • Taking medications as prescribed by doctor

When to contact doctor urgently?

  1. Increasing pain the region
  2. Increasing swelling in the region
  3. Excessive bruising
  4. Fever 
  5. Redness in the region

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Rasika Chrill
Dr.senthilkumar and his team is very professional and caring. He asks a lot of questions and he is very knowledgeable and reassuring. He took time to explain what he thought the issue could be and explained the operation
I had a pleasant experience with Dr. Senthil Kumar for my concern. I was received well by the staff and all my queries were answered. The follow-up was smooth and I was regularly followed up telephonically. I would recommend Creas Aesthetic Clinic and Dr. Senthil to friends and familyVinu Priya
I underwent liposuction for my arms and double chin. I am very much satisfied with the results. The procedure was painless and it did not affect my routineRamyasree