What food causes Gynecomastia?

What food causes Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a common problem among boys and men, that can have a variety of causes. Eating a balanced, healthy diet is good for anyone while there are many misconceptions about gynecomastia, a diet that is rich in certain substances can contribute to the condition.

Can food cause Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is caused by unbalanced hormone levels in men. Many studies have found that men with gynecomastia typically have higher levels of estrogen hormone (which is a female hormone). This can cause increased breast tissue in these men. While typically caused by many factors including diet plays an important factor in tissue growth.

Foods to avoid Gynecomastia

A healthy, balanced diet is very important to avoid conditions like gynecomastia. These foods should be limited or avoided altogether.

1.Processed foods

Processed food contains high carbohydrates and sugars. These calories may cause excess weight gain. Processed foods contain chemicals like polycarbonate or bisphenol which acts against testosterone, This is commonly found in containers such as plastic bottles, cans etc,. To improve your health and avoid the risk of gynecomastia you should focus on fresh foods, Instead of packed foods.


Soya are rich sources of phytoestrogen which are plant-based proteins. Studies have shown that these phytoestrogens are the same as human estrogen molecularly similar enough to mimic the effects of estrogen. So those who are all facing gynecomastia may be better off avoiding these products to prevent their breast tissue from growing further, some sources of phytoestrogens are flex seed and nuts.

3.Dairy products

All dairy products contain estrogen, which is identical to human hormone. Even though livestock are not given additional hormones, some natural hormones are also present regardless. All eggs and dairy products, chicken or cow can contribute to an increase in estrogen hormone levels.

Which foods can prevent male breast?

There are specific foods that may produce testosterone production and reduce the risk of gynecomastia. Balance between estrogen and testosterone may aid in the reduction of gynecomastia.

Foods that may prevent man boobs

Add these foods to your diet to reduce excess estrogen levels;

  • Avocados contain magnesium and a trace mineral that boosts testosterone.
  • Virgin olive oil has the power to increase luteinizing hormones and also helps to stimulate to produce testosterone.
  • Ginger plays a major role in increasing testosterone.
  • Leafy greens like spinach, contain high levels of magnesium to increase testosterone levels.

Can estrogen blockers and nutritional supplements Gynecomastis?

To prevent Gynecomastia human estrogen blockrs are often. However, this is a myth as it is not just the production of estrogen that causes gynecomastia to occur. Nutritional supplements as a solution to excess male breast tissue growth, this will have no effect on Gynecomastia.

However, when Glandular breast tissue, is formed, it will not go away with diet or exercise. Gynecomastia surgery is the only option, To get rid of gynecomastia caused by excess breast tissue. To better understand your gynecomastia and discover effective treatment options, a consultation with a plastic surgeon like Dr. C. Senthil Kumar is necessary.
You should start adding these healthy foods and essential nutrients to your diet, also you should avoid processed foods and deep-fried foods.

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